Two iOS apps you should be using.

First up is TalkTo:


It allows you to ‘text any business’ instead of calling them.

They then have an agent call the business on your behalf and respond in the voice of the business.

Recently I’ve used the app to call

  • my barbershop to see how long the wait will be
  • supermarkets to find out if they stock raw tuna and how much they charge

Cost of such magic = $0 

(don’t ask too many questions just download the app while its free :)

Download TalkTo 

The fine makers of TalkTo recently released SIMON,


which is an alternative to fancy hands (which doesnt have a native mobile app, yet Download Fancy Hands app ).

You can send over research related requests to them and then they have an agent take care of it.  

I’ve recently used the app to find smoothie recipes and the related ingredients that I would need to purchase.

They charge a subscription for this service

[which is basically free if you value your time]

Their pricing plans are as follows:

  • 1 request = free
  • 3 requests = $3.99
  • 10 requests = $9.99
  • 35 requests = $24.99

Download Simon

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