Not Existing

The other day I noticed that I hadnt heard from my friend in a couple of days.

She hadnt checked in or tweeted in 4 days.

She hadnt posted to her blog in a couple of weeks.

I texted her and imessage “sent the message as text” 

I started to worry that something had gone wrong.

You need not worry, my friend ended up sending a response before I went to bed so all was well.

What I was reminded by this whole ordeal, besides for the paranoid framework ive inherited from my mom, was that my friends and I currently live in a world where we dont exist if we dont post to the network.

This applies to EVERYTHING.

A simple example is ordering food online.

If I am hungry and you are not on my default ordering application you dont exist to me.

I understand why establishments dont want to take part in the racket and pay up to be on the network. But thats where the people are, so unfortunately they dont have a choice.

We are currently in an awkward times when we are not fully networked and multiple companies are trying to connect everyone to everything.

Not to mention that the ways we connect to the Network today are not going to be the ways we connect in 5 years from now.

So, do what you can to ‘exist’ today.

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