Poke Experiment: Phish Concert Edition

Last night I attempted a poke experiment

& sent out a message to 40 ppl on poke asking ppl if they wanted to get updates of the Phish concert.

  • 7 ppl opted into it
  • 3 ppl responded with their own pokes but didn’t respond to my question
  • 1 person said they didn’t care for phish
  • 1 person unsubscribed mid concert 
  • 1 responded they wanted to get updates but it was already after the show was over

Take away notes:

  • Friends commentary is a nice layer to events
  • Short bursts of other ppls lives can be fun but will be overwhelming if everyone does it all the time.
  • Intimacy of sharing with friends only vs the world is great
  • the limitation on video size makes it much easier to upload and share.
  • Opt in for live events will be fun as Google Glass and other always on devices become common place over the next 3 years
  • Found out that poke has a limitation of 40 ppl
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