In the coming years our relationships with robots will become ever more complex. But already a recurring pattern is emerging. No matter what your current job or your salary, you will progress through these Seven Stages of Robot Replacement, again and again:

1.A robot/computer cannot possibly do the tasks I do. 2. OK, it can do a lot of them, but it can’t do everything I do. 3. OK, it can do everything I do, except it needs me when it breaks down, which is often. 4.OK, it operates flawlessly on routine stuff, but I need to train it for new tasks. 5. OK, it can have my old boring job, because it’s obvious that was not a job that humans were meant to do. 6.Wow, now that robots are doing my old job, my new job is much more fun and pays more! 7. I am so glad a robot/computer cannot possibly do what I do now.
Kevin Kelly wired article Better Than Human
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