I used to see Google make this mistake frequently in our communications on controversial topics. Data and logic told us we were correct and we’d just keep showing you more of it, or describing our thought process. We greeted emotion with facts. In the face of emotion, data can be a foreign language. It doesn’t matter how loudly and slowly you say it, I don’t understand. In fact, all you’re doing is pissing me off.

Elapsed Time: Uber NYC & the Surge: Right, Wrong, Lessons Learned

Its easy to forget how to be human when you relate to people as numbers.

(i agree with Hunter, Uber will be better because of this)

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  3. fascinated said: This stuff repeats. Last time there was a UX debate about the surge thing, they also insisted it was all user error not to see the iffy-designed surge message/warning, before eventually accepting responsibility. Fuck uber and their ayn rand library.
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